Make Life Dandy 6-Pack - Make Life Dandy

Make Life Dandy 6-Pack


The Make Life Dandy 6-pack provides the trifecta of taste. From the naturally sweet flavors of Peach Bellini, to the natural nectar of the Honeysuckle, or the crisp cut of citrus in the Blood Orange, our 6-pack is perfect for every palate. Through natural flavors, Make Life Dandy is the canned dandelion spritzer for all to enjoy ?

Gluten free – Vegan – Beet Sugar – Sugars: 12g – Carbs: 12g

QuantitySix 12 Ounce Cans. Two of each flavor.
FlavorsDandelion Honeysuckle, Dandelion Blood Orange and Dandelion Peach Bellini.
Alcohol Content6.9% ABV
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